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Audit and Assurance

we maintain the strongest sense of integrity, objectivity


Taxes are a complex and demanding area, and at QACO we place a distinct professional to handle taxation matters

Legal Guide& Registration

At Qasim Adeel & Co. we have specialized team members who enjoy an exceptional level of expertise in the matters of SECP

Financial Management Consulting

We address the problems of business strategies, marketing and economics, accounting & finance, project financing

IT Consulting

Our focus is to help you to understand, prepare and manage the transformation of the technology function and align it effectively with the overall business strategy.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We are here to assist you in all or any of the steps from recording of journal entries to the compilation of financial statements.

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Ask An Expert

Al-Basit Stores Pvt Ltd

We have been working with Qasim and his team for two years. They provide us with expert advice in relation to our Annual accounts, Audit, Corporate Matters  and Taxation. The team at QACO are very professional, and always give clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner.

Basit -CEO

Honda Centre Pvt Ltd

Qasim Adeel & Co. have looked after our accounts for over two years now and we cannot speak highly enough of their services. They are technically brilliant and also very responsive to any questions, explaining things in a way that is easy to understand. They are always friendly and professional. I have had no hesitation in recommending their services to our own clients when the opportunity has arisen

Hassan Yaseen-Finance Manager

EGAS Pvt Ltd

Excellent service, Qasim Adeel & Co has proven to be diligent, knowledgeable, and pro-active.The QACO Team has been an integral part of our taxation and accounting operations for years and has allowed our Company to; confidently outsource this area of our operations to them. In addition to day-to-day bookkeeping, tax, and year-end Tax filings, Qasim is always available for higher-level advice and consultation

Agha Salman- CFO

100 Rifles Pvt Ltd

Their understanding of how our business runs, rather than just looking at the numbers, makes all the difference, they take the hassle out of accounting

Col Hameedi- Director

Eracon Technologies Pvt Ltd

“We have worked with Qasim Adeel & Co for the past 5 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that Qasim Adeel & Co know us and our business.”

Farab Hussain Qureshi • CEO